Bygraph Limited

The Product Range

Database Applications

Bygraph is able to provide

  • Customised and off the shelf database products
  • Custom software as a frontend to databases
  • Internet and intranet via HTML and/or ActiveX communication with databases
  • Customer Information Systems

Commercial Project Suites

The following software packages are available as specilist off the shelf products.

  • BeOnGuard
    A specialist application for security guard companies.
    it enables customers rota schedules to be set-up against which:
    • Guards can be assigned, production of Guard time sheets and Rota schedules. Invoices can be automatically raised for each site

  • Project Management Suite
    This package was orignally developed for use by an accountacy partnership and is now available to all businesses that require a time recording and invoicing capability.
    See the Project Management Suite page for more details.
    The suit includes:
    • Time sheet entry, Customer information, Staff information, Invoicing, Numerous reports

  • Customer Information Systems
    We have over 10 years experience with information systems in the railway sector.
    This includes but is not limited to:
    • Operator control of the timetable database, CIF interface & extraction, MSF & Other clock interfaces for time keeping, LCD / LED & Plasma data display boards, TD / train movement tracking, TRUST data interface

Standalone Applications

All of our applications can be used as either a standalone application (independant of other programs) or as part of a suit when required.

Utility Programs

Utility programs take many forms:

  • Communication packages, TCP/IP, VoIP and Comm Ports
  • Device drivers
  • Data converters
  • Presentation applications

Hosting Internet & Related Services

Hosting of web sites and email services:

  • 2 Gigibyte of storage space per domain
  • Unlimited email addresss, with webmail as standard
  • FTP access
  • Script compatibility including .NET, ASP, PHP, CSS, JAVA
  • Dedicated servers available
  • Linux optional
  • Google Ads and traffic generators
  • Site design, maintenance and support

CGI Internet Programs

CGI executables are generally more secure than scripts. They have a wide variety of uses including:

  • Secure logon
  • Database access
  • Severe side data processing
  • Presentation
  • Full access to the operating systems and other installed applications

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