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CGI Applications


These are programs that are specially written to work on the web server. They can be used to perform specific tasks or common everyday routines, which can include but are limited to:

  • Secure log on access control
  • Database access
  • Server Maintenance
  • Calculations and data handling
  • File upload and retrieval
  • Communication, blog services
  • Data convertion
  • Page hit tracking

Many of these uses can also be undertaken using Basic, Java, PHP and other scripting languages. However a CGI application can provide a more secure entry portal.

CGI Samples

We have provided a sample CGI Application. It is used to control access to a simple board game. The game parameters are tracked via a temporary cookie which is released when the browser closes. All data processing occurs at the server end.

The Presentation is based on a template file read by the CGI Application, manipulated to add the movement data and then returned to the web browser for display. The database is a simple INI file. Try this Sample game.

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