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Escrow Sevices

What we provide under this service.

Our Escrow service is designed for users or companies who wish to deposit items with a third party for safe keeping. In the event that one of more of those parties ceases to trade or is deceased then the other parties may request right of access to the deposted items.

This service is not suitable for valuable items, such as bonds, jewelry and works of art.

Escrow usually envolves at least three individuals or organisations.

  • The Customer making the deposit. For as long as the company continues to trade annual fees are paid, the Customer has sole right of access to the deposited items.
  • The recipient who will be entightled to access if certain conditions such as the customer ceasing to trade occurs.
  • The Escrow company / agent (that is us at Bygraph).

Our service is intended for items that are unique, such as software, un-patented designs and documentation.

For example:
In a software situation - the software and all related documentation would be deposited with us. In the event of the software company ceasing to trade the software would be released to the customer so that they could be assured of continued support. Alternately if there was a loss of data at the companies premises then the company could request the release of the deposited items to themselves.

Low Cost Escrow.

Many Escrow companies charge large fees often in the thousands of pounds, with equally high annual fees. Our charges however reflect the true cost of storing data or documents. They cover the cost of storing the items deposited at two separate locations. Each time a deposit is made, it will incure a repeat charge.

An annual charge is made to cover recuring storage costs.

Prices do vary depending on the size and quantity of the items deposited, please feel free to discuss your requirements with us. Our fees start from as little as 400 GBP.

Get a Free Estimate.

You do not need to commit to anything straight away. It you wish to get an estimate of the costs involved all you need to do is submit an enquiry using the feedback form.

Please remember to specify what you wish to place under Escrow and its approximate size, weight and value (if appropriate), plus any other details that may be relevant.

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